I saw the dress rehearsal or only Act One. Can I still score the show?

The short answer: no. We know that invited dress rehearsals feel like “basically the first preview,” but they really aren’t; they’re rehearsals. No one paid admission to see that performance. It’s not ready to preview yet and it would be unfair to treat it as such. We ask that our members respect the rehearsal process by not scoring a show if they saw the dress rehearsal.

Then there is the show that you disliked so much that you walked out at intermission. Hey, it happens. Not every show is for everyone, and sometimes you just need to get your life back. Still, you didn't see the entire show, so is it fair to judge it in a review? We think not. It would be unacceptable for a professional critic to publish a review based on the first act alone. We ask that our members treat shows with the same courtesy.

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