What is "Swing Seats"?

"Swing Seats" is a joint program of the American Theatre Wing and Show-Score.  The FAQs below are organized into 2 sections: for "Ticket Holders", and for "Ticket Recipients." 
  • Why does “Swing Seats” exist?

As theater fans, we know what it’s like to be stuck with an extra ticket (or not be able to go to the show at all) -- you email and text your friends, trying to find someone.  When that doesn’t work, your choices are limited.  Sell it online to a stranger?  Too much work.  Scalp it in front of the theater?  Scary and a hassle.  Give it back to the box office?  Easy, but they can’t usually sell it anyway and the tax write-off isn’t that interesting.  

So usually the seats go to waste.  There’s an empty seat next to you (do you feel like a loser?) or there’s a wasteful hole in the house.

Show-Score and the American Theatre Wing decided to try to solve this problem with the  “Swing Seats” service.  You can read about it on "Deadline".

  • Is this just for Broadway tickets?

No. It's for ALL kinds of theater tickets, not just Broadway, as long as the show is in NYC. The show needs to be listed on Show-Score for the service to work. If the show isn't listed, please email help@show-score.com so we can fix that, since we endeavor to list all theater in the places we operate, regardless of location or size of venue.

  • How does this work?

The American Theatre Wing curates a list of deserving theater students, interns, and artists.  These people would LOVE to attend the theater, but often can’t afford to.

When a Show-Score member has an extra ticket, s/he fills out a simple form describing the situation.  Show-Score then sends this information, while protecting the privacy of the ticket holder, to the people on the on the American Theatre Wing list.

The first person to grab the ticket, and pay the $10 processing fee, gets the ticket.  We charge the fee to cover our costs and to make sure the person shows up.  Half of the fee goes directly to the American Theatre Wing to support their important work.

The person giving up the ticket(s) does not get paid.  His or her reward is knowing that the tickets are being put to good use, without a hassle.

  • What personal information will be shared with whom?

We really care about the privacy of our members.  The person giving up the tickets will be identified only by his or her display name on Show-Score.  Your email address and phone number will not be shared with the ticket recipient.  

The same thing happens on the other side: the recipient is identified only by his or her display name on Show-Score.

  • Do I have to be at the theater in person to hand over my tickets?

No.  But if you’re not going to be there, you need to get us the tickets in advance.  That said, it’s great if you ARE there, so that you can meet the recipient, and sit next to him or her.  It’s a great way to meet people in a safe way.

  • How will I find the recipient at the theater?

You can make a small sign that says “Show-Score”.  Prior to the performance, the ticket holder and recipient can communicate online via Show-Score, without revealing identities, if you want to make other arrangements.

  • What happens if the recipient doesn’t show up in time?

We tell all ticket recipients to be at the theater 30 minutes before curtain.  We hope that the ticket giver will wait as long as possible.  But if the recipient doesn’t show up, it’s his or her loss.  In the worst case, the ticket is wasted (which is what happens now).  If the recipient is a no-show, s/he or will be removed from the program.

  • What if I can’t be at the theater to meet the recipient?

The procedure depends on the tickets:

  • If you have a PDF of the tickets themselves, then please email the PDF to swingseats@show-score.com.  We will confirm via email that we received your email, and will forward the PDF to the recipient.
  • If you are supposed to pick up the tickets at the box office, and you have a PDF receipt, then email the PDF to swingseats@show-score.com.  We will confirm via email that we received your email, and will forward the PDF to the recipient.  In some cases, we will email you to request that you call the box office to tell them that someone else will be picking up the tickets.
  • If you already have physical tickets in your possession, then you need to drop them off at the Show-Score office no later than 5p on the day before the performance.  If the performance is on a weekend, you must drop them off at the Show-Score office by 5p on the Friday before the performance.  The address is 1412 Broadway (x39th Street), 21st floor, in the Workville Center.  Our phone is 347-620-0014.
  • What if I find someone to take my ticket(s) after I’ve submitted them to the “Swing Seats” service?

As soon as you submit your ticket(s) to the Swing Seat service, we send an email out to everyone who is eligible to receive offers.  So it would really not be good if you changed your mind and the ticket was no longer available.  If that is a necessity, please contact help@show-score.com as soon as possible.


  • How does this work?

It’s very simple.  You get accepted into the program via the American Theatre Wing.  Then you keep an eye on your email inbox.  When you see an offer that you want, jump on it.  It’s first come, first served.  After you grab the ticket, you’ll get an email with detailed instructions.

  • Why do I have to pay a fee?

The tickets are free, but we charge you a $10 fee for two reasons.  First, it costs us something to run this program.  Second, half of the fee is a donation to the American Theatre Wing, which allows them to offer even more training, scholarships, and grants to more young artists and theatre makers--like you!  Finally, the fee helps ensure that you won’t forget to show up.  :)  Remember that the ticket giver is donating the actual ticket, to you.  That’s usually a lot of money.

  • How do I apply to this program?

Please contact the American Theatre Wing at mailbox@americantheatrewing.org.

  • Who decides if I am accepted?

The American Theatre Wing at its sole discretion.

  • How will I find out if tickets are available?

You’ll get an email.

  • Do I need a credit card or debit card to participate?

Yes.  It needs to be a Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.  

  • How will I find the ticket holder at the theater?

The ticket holder will be holding a “Show-Score” sign.  Or you and the ticket holder may make alternative arrangements through the secure online chat service that is part of Swing Seats.

  • What happens if I can’t find the ticket holder or the transfer doesn’t work?

We hope that doesn’t happen!  If it does, please email help@show-score.com and explain the situation.  Once we verify that with the ticket holder, we’ll refund the $10 fee you paid.

  • Where is the Show-Score office?

Our office is at 1412 Broadway (x39th Street), 21st floor, in the Workville Center.  Our phone is 347-620-0014.  In some cases you will need to pick up physical tickets at our office.  We will email you details if that is necessary.

  • How should I interact with the ticket holder in person?  What are the ground rules?

First, be thankful for the free ticket.  The ticket giver won’t know you, but the American Theatre Wing has vouched for you.  Please think of yourself as an ambassador for the Wing and for all young artists and administrators in the city -- so, please be your normal polite, respectful self, since you are representing the community of theater students, interns and artists.  Make a nice impression. (Bonus points if you look sharp and put-together for the occasion.)

Second, respect privacy.  The ticket giver may choose to introduce him or herself, or s/he may not.  That’s up to them, not you.  Don’t ask for their name, contact info, or business card.  If they offer, great!  But it’s up to them.

The same thing is true in reverse, you aren’t required to share anything you don’t wish to.   That said, we encourage you to share what you can about your professional and artistic story -- the ticket giver, by participating in “Swing Seats”, wants to support theater students, interns and artists!

  • What happens if the show is cancelled?

If the show is cancelled, you will get a refund for the processing fee you paid to Show-Score.

  • Can I forward an offer to a friend?

Your friend will only be able to access an offer if s/he is a Show-Score member and is already eligible to participate in the Swing Seats program.  Please encourage him or her to apply! By emailing mailbox@americantheatrewing.org.

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