I don't agree with the score given to a critic's review. What can I do?

We know that theater is really hard to create.  Everyone involved with a show has to really believe in it, or it will never come to life.  It's therefore normal to hope that everyone else (especially the critics) will love the show too.  In other words, anything less than a perfect "100" score is a disappointment.  We get that.

That's why we invest a lot of time and effort assigning scores to critic reviews as well as excerpting them.  Our process is an art done by real people, not machines.  As of January 2017 we have excerpted and scored more than 15,000 critic reviews.  We see how critics react to a broad variety of shows.  We've also met with many critics to better understand how they use language to indicate what they really think about a show.

All that said, we are sensitive about assigning scores and excerpting critic reviews.  After all, it's the critic's work, not ours.   We therefore strongly prefer that each critic scores and excerpts his or her own review, and sends it to us.  An increasing number of critics are doing that, and we welcome more.  Alternatively, we encourage critics to watch how we excerpt and score their work, and ask them to contact us directly when they want something changed.  When they do that, we change it immediately, without a debate.  It's their opinion, not ours.

So what can you do to change the score and/or excerpt of a critic's review of your show?

  1. Contact the critic directly, with a link to our excerpt and score, and ask the critic to contact us directly if s/he thinks we got it wrong.  Our email is help@show-score.com.  Alternatively, if you have an email thread with the critic about this, include help@show-score.com on that thread.  After we confirm the critic's identity, we will make the change ASAP.
  2. If that's not an option, and you still think we got it wrong, simply email help@show-score.com and ask for an internal review.  We take pride in our team and process, but we're only human.  We will re-check the review in question to reaffirm our score or adjust it.  We'll get back to you either way.

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