How do I "post" an article or video?

All Show-Score members can "post" articles or videos onto their Show-Score profile page.  Said differently, Show-Score can be used to create a simple blog.

Why would I want to post something?

There are two reasons:

  • You already have a blog, or a YouTube / Vimeo channel, and/or you publish articles on other sites.  You want more people to see your work, and you want to drive traffic to those other sites.  The Show-Score "post" feature does exactly that -- you post a summary of your pre-existing article or video on your profile page, which points to the detailed article / video on another site.  In addition (as explained below) when you "post" on Show-Score, our editors are immediately notified about your post.  The editors might decide to feature it on the main Show-Score blog (with your permission of course), in which case you'll get more traffic!
  • You have things you want to say (with text, images and/or video) but you don't have the technical skills to make a blog.  Perhaps more importantly, you don't want to try and find an audience.  The good news is that Show-Score has a large audience of theater fans.  By blogging on Show-Score (via the "posts" feature) you'll have a much easier time building your own fan base (especially if they are already following you on Show-Score)!

Can I see an example?

Here are two examples: our Founder Tom Melcher, and Steve Schonberg, our celebrity ambassador.  We will add to this list as members create posts.  Please email if you'd like to have your profile page listed here!

What can I post?

Anything related to theater that complies with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.  Our editors will be notified automatically when you post something.  We reserve the right to remove your post immediately if it violates our Terms or Guidelines.  Also, please bear in mind that we will not pay you for your posts, even if we decide to promote your posts on our blog or on our social channels (we will get your permission before we do this).  By posting on Show-Score, you are not entering into any kind of employment relationship with Show-Score.  If you're not sure about whether your idea complies with our guidelines, please email first.

How do I post something that already exists on another site?

If you already have an article on another site (the article can include text, images, embedded videos, etc) then simply click the "add post" button, paste in the URL of your article, and hit "return" on your keyboard.  If you already have a video on YouTube or Vimeo (those are the two we support right now) then paste in the URL of the video and click "return" on your keyboard.

You will then see a new page that has summary information about your article.  We use the data and images that are embedded in your article.  You can edit this information before it is published on Show-Score.  Here are the details:

  • The Title, Summary and URL are hopefully obvious. :)
  • The "Status" has three choices: "Draft" means you can see it but no one else can, "Published" means everyone can see it, and "Archive" means that the article remains in our database, but it is no longer visible.
  • The "Date" and "Time" fields are optional.  You can set them to any date / time you want.  We use the "Date" and "Time" fields to control the sort order of your posts -- the newest posts are at the top.  So if you want to "pin" a post to the top of your list, set the date / time to be the most-recent date / time on your list.  You can also change the display order of your posts by using different dates / times for each post.
  • The "Publication" field is also optional.  Most people use it for the name of their blog, or the name of the third-party website.

I've posted an article, but it's not getting published.  What do I do?

When you write or upload a post, it is usually saved as a "draft".  To publish it:

  • Click the "Edit" link
  • On the edit page, look for the "draft" status indicator.  Change it to "published".
  • Click "Save"

Your article should now be live!

Other questions?

We hope that the design of the "posts" feature is clear.  That said, if you get confused, or find a bug, please email so we can assist.

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