How do I flag a review for abuse?

Please report any member reviews that do not abide by  our community guidelines.  It’s easy to do this. Below every member review you'll see a "Report Abuse" link.  

After clicking on it, you’ll see a simple 1-page form.  When you submit the form, the review will be taken off-line for further review by our member services team.

Here's what happens next:

  • Your identity will never be revealed in the process, nor we will reveal what you wrote about why you think the review is abusive
  • The person who wrote the review will get an email saying that another member reported abuse.  This email will explain our community guidelines, and ask the person to edit his or her review.  Importantly, we don't ask the person to change the score or his/her opinion -- it's all about ensuring that the review is helpful and abides by our guidelines.
  • When the person is done editing the review, our admin team is automatically notified.  We review the edits.  In some cases, we may ask for additional edits if the person did not fully understand the guidelines.  We then either decide to reinstate the edited review, or keep it hidden.

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