Related Content: how does it work?

What is Related Content?

Related Content is a powerful way to help audiences decide if they are interested in your show.  It's self-serve, and easy to use. 

Here's how it looks (as of this writing) for "Hamilton":

Related Content can include any content that is available online, including content from:

  • A show's website, Facebook page, Instagram page, Pinterest account, YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, etc.
  • A third-party site that permits links to their content

Related Content can include reviews, feature articles, talk backs, TV ads, music videos, Q&As, or anything else that might help audiences decide if the show is something they might like.

There is no limit to the number of items of Related Content.  The display order of the items can be easily changed.

Who can post Related Content?

Related Content can be posted by Show-Score staff members, or validated representatives from the show (such as publicists, social media managers, agencies, general managers, artists, producers, etc).  

In order to post Related Content, a show representative needs to send an email to us. For New York partners, please email For New Jersey partners, please email to confirm that your package includes this feature. The email should include the show name and the full name and email address for each person who should given permission to post Related Content for that show.  Every person needs to already be a Show-Score member (which is free).  A given show can have multiple people with permission to post Related Content.

We will send confirmation emails to the requester and each person who has been given permission.  Please allow several days for processing.

The same person can have permission to post Related Content for multiple shows.  This is especially useful for agencies or publicists who support multiple shows.

How do I post Related Content?

It's very easy to import a piece of Related Content.  We've created a 2.5 minute video overview, and then explained the steps in detail below the video:

You need permission to post Related Content.  See the section above ("Who can post Related Content?") for details.

After you have permission to post content, you will see a "Manage shows" link in the drop-down menu underneath your Show-Score member name, in the top-right corner of every page:

After you click on the "Managed shows" link, you will see a page that lists all of the shows for which you have permission to post Related Content.  In this example, you only have permission for one show:

When you click on the "Add Related Content" button, you will see a page that lists all of the Related Content for that show.  That page will be blank if you haven't loaded anything yet.  :)  In this example, there is already Related Content for "Hamilton":

On this page you can:

  • Add content by clicking the blue button in the top right corner (more on this later)
  • Click the "Manage Shows" button to go back to the previous page (that lists all the shows you have permission to manage)
  • Change the order of the items by dragging the far left "hamburger" icon (the gray symbol with four horizontal lines).  You can drag it up or down.
  • Edit the item
  • Delete the item (by clicking the red "x")

After you click the blue "Add content" button on the page that lists all of the Related Content for the show, you will see a page that looks like this:

Use "Article URL" for any piece of content that is NOT a standalone video, such as a newspaper article, a Facebook post, and link to the show's site, a podcast, etc. If any of those pieces of content have a video inside, still use the "Article URL" box.

Use the "Video URL" for videos that are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

In either case, paste the URL (including the "http://" or "https://") into the appropriate box and click "Import".  When you do, Show-Score will automatically import the content.  Please be patient while this happens.  You will know the import is complete when this next page appears:

As you will see, the Show-Score system has attempted to import the article or video.  All of the fields can be edited.  Most are obvious, but these need special explanation:

  • The "date" field should be either the date you posted the Related Content, or the date on which it was originally created.  We recommend the latter.
  • The "status" field should be "draft" until you are ready to publish it.  To actually publish the article, change the "status" from "draft" to "published" and then click the green "Save" button.
  • After you publish the article, you can see how it looks.  If you don't like it and want to make changes, change the status back to "draft" so the content is no longer publicly visible.
  • The "publication" field is blank by default, but should ideally be filled in.
  • At the bottom, you can replace the thumbnail image that was automatically uploaded with an image of your choice.  Please follow the stated guidelines related to size.

By this point, you should have been able to import your first piece of Related Content! Please note: critic reviews will be represented in the Critic Reviews section of your show page and should not also be added as Related Content. If you run into any problems along the way or have any questions, please email

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