How do I update my stored credit card info?

You have to be actively purchasing tickets to be able to switch your credit card information:

1. Please click on the purchase link and choose a date. 

2. Choose # of seats.

3. Click "Next" - You will be brought to the "Review Your Order Page".
4. In the "Review Your Order Page" kindly click the blue "Click to Pay" button.
The next steps below will enable us to change the credit card information. At any time during this the instructions do not match what you see on your screen, kindly reach out to us at and tell us at what particular step you're having difficulty. We're standing by!

5. Hitting "Click to Pay" will pop up a screen that will allow you to enter a verification code to continue with the purchase:

6. Please DO NOT ENTER your verification code. Kindly wait for a few seconds and this will change to the screen below: 

7.  Please click on the blue link at the bottom of the pop up that says "Fill in your card details manually", or click on the back button at the top left side of the pop up. Doing this will display the next screen below:

8. Please fill in your NEW card details at this screen and click on "Pay $5.00". Doing this will process the transaction. Clicking on "Remember Me" will save the card details.

9. In case you do not see any of the screenshots above and instead see that the card details already populates: 

10. Simply click on the credit card number field and you should be able to edit the credit card information or click "LOG OUT" and enter your card information manually.

We hope this guide will be able to help you change your credit card information on file. At any time that the process above does not work or does not match, let us know immediately at and we will help you further. 

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