How do you decide which shows to list?

We strive to include all professional theatrical productions, that meet our guidelines:

  • It’s primarily a theatrical experience, rather than stand-up comedy or a concert (though we recognize the lines are blurry)
  • In-person shows have at least seven scheduled performances in the same venue. 
  • Virtual shows have at least 4 performances or 4 days to watch the performance.
  • It has been formally announced by its producers
  • It has a website or tickets available to purchase online
  • For in-person shows, we do not include readings, workshops, or community theatre productions
  • For virtual shows, we have a limited listing of Off-Broadway and Broadway-led performances, some of which include "Zoom Readings." We will not be listing Zoom readings once in-person theatre returns, but will continue to list a limited number of recorded and live-streamed productions. 
  • Currently, all virtual shows listed have originated in New York.