How do you decide which shows to list?

We strive to include all theatrical productions (even those that do not get professional coverage from critics). We began with NYC and are expanding from there. Of course, “theatrical production” is not a precise term, since the art form is very flexible. We therefore use the following guidelines when choosing to list a show:

  • It’s primarily a theatrical experience, rather than stand-up comedy or a concert
  • It has at least seven scheduled performances in the same venue (although the performances don’t have to be consecutive). It’s a lot of work to list a show, and we want to make sure our community has a chance to see it after reading a review
  • It has been formally announced by its producers
  • It has a website (or Facebook page) so that our members can learn more about it
  • There is a way to buy tickets online, so our members can get tickets easily

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