Why do you have badges and how do the badges work?

In any community, it’s important to know who’s who, especially for newcomers. That’s why we use badges. As you earn more badges, you get access to special perks, like free tickets, invites to VIP events, and more. There are three kinds of badges:

  • Tastemaker”, based on how many people are following you. Many of us decide what shows to see by asking our friends. That’s fun, but takes a lot of effort, and depends on how many friends you have. Show-Score amplifies that process, by helping you find other members whose taste is similar to yours.
  • Reviewer”, based on how many reviews you contribute to the community. Some of us see lots of shows, and take the trouble to write a quick review. We want to highlight those members.
  • Helpful”, based on how many times another member said your review was helpful. It’s great to write a review, but it’s even better when your review helps someone else.

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