How to access Show-Score New Jersey

How do I get to Show-Score New Jersey?

  • If you access from New Jersey, you should be automatically taken to our Show-Score New Jersey edition. 
  • If you are outside New Jersey, or you are directed to our New York edition, visit to see it. 
  • Alternatively, you can go the “edition switcher” at the top of the page and manually switch from NYC to NJ. 

I like having New Jersey shows, but I want to see New York shows too!

  • Not a problem! After you log in, the first two rows on your home page -- “Recommended for You” and “My Offers” -- will automatically include shows from both NJ and NYC.
  • When you search for shows, you can see shows from both editions.
  • Your digest emails from Show-Score will include both NYC and NJ shows. 
  • You can set your preferences to choose your “Default” and “Interested” editions. 

What are “Default” and “Interested” editions? 

  • Your default edition is the primary edition that shows up when you visit 
  • Your “interested” edition is secondary and populates “Recommended for You” and “My Offers”. So you can still keep in touch with the great work happening in your interested edition. 
  • When you visit from New Jersey, New Jersey will be set as your “default” and New York will be set as you “interested” edition. If that’s the way you want it, you’re all set! 
  • But if you’d like to change your preferences, switch between editions using the region switcher, and you will be prompted to make any changes. [Make sure pop-ups are enabled on your computer so you can make the switch.]

For all other questions, please email