What are member events?

Show-Score member events are programs for the Show-Score community to see shows together, discover new shows, and share their responses with the community. 

Member Nights
Show-Score's most active members are invited to see shows on and Beyond Broadway for free (plus a small service fee). Premium members (Savers and Patrons) get discounts on fees and early access top offers, as well as invitations to exclusive events. 

The Show-Score community gets together to see a Broadway show at a great price, and then goes out together afterwards to grab a drink and talk about it; first drink's on us. Sometimes, we host talkbacks or other behind-the-scenes opportunities as well.  

Show-Score isn't hosting member nights or socials at the moment, but we'll announce plans for them in the near future.

News about the relaunch of the premium membership program is forthcoming.