Show-Score Referral Program Explained

Show-Score Referral Program Explained

This is the FAQ for the Referral Program, which can be accessed at

Q: On what types of purchases do I earn referral fees?

A:  You earn referral fees when someone uses your personal link to visit Show-Score and purchase a ticket via Show-Score “Direct” tickets for Broadway.  These are tickets for most Broadway shows, offered at attractive prices and very low fees, via an easy-to-use interface.  You can see the list here:  Due to industry licensing rules, these are only available when the buyer is using a computer, tablet or mobile phone that is located 50 miles or more from NYC. You will earn $8 per ticket sold.

You will not earn commissions from Show-Score Member Nights (because they are so inexpensive we can’t afford to pay a referrer fee!). You will also not earn commissions from sales that take place on 3rd-party sites (such as StubHub, Ticketmaster, Telecharge, TodayTix, etc) even if the purchaser was referred to those sites via a link on Show-Score.  In most cases, we don’t earn anything from those purchases, so we don’t have anything to share with referrers! You will earn commission on Show-Score "Socials" and Show-Score "Experiences", though we do not have direct links to these pages due to the limits of the 3rd party platform.

Q: What do I need to do to earn referrer fees?

A:  It’s quite simple, get people to purchase tickets on Show-Score using your personalized link.  You can put the link on your website, in your social media posts, or anywhere else. You can also simply send it to your friends.

Q: When someone uses my link to go to Show-Score, do they have to buy tickets right away?

A:  No.  If they purchase eligible tickets within 30 days of first visiting Show-Score as a result of your referral, then you you earn a referrer fee. If they click on your link again, after 30 days has elapsed, you will earn a referrer fee. Your referrals are tracked through cookies, so If someone you've referred clears their cookies, the attribution will but lost. But don't worry, if they click your link again, you will receive credit for the purchase.

Q: What if someone else refers the same person I do?  Who gets paid?

A: We use the industry-standard practice called “Last Interaction”, which means that the most-recent referral code used gets credit.

Q: Does the person I refer need to be a member of Show-Score?

A: No, they do not need to be a member of Show-Score, however, if they make a purchase, they will automatically become a member. Unlike our Member Night Program, visitors don't have score 6 shows to purchase Broadway tickets on Show-Score.

Q: What is “Referral Rock” and how is it related to Show-Score?

A: Referral Rock is a leading software tool that many companies use to manage their referral program.  Show-Score is one of their clients. They have very strict privacy standards and are covered by our Privacy Policy.

Q: What is "Tango Card"?

A: Tango Card is a rewards-for-service program that distributes digital gift cards. After your referral sale has been approved (which occurs the day after the show performance date) you will receive an email from Tango with a link to your reward. Here you can select which card you'd like to receive. There are over 50 cards to choose from and you can split payment between multiple cards. You can even donate to charities. After selecting your card(s), you will receive an email with the redemption code.

Q: How do I see how many times my referral code has been used and how much money I’m earning?

A: Go to and scroll all the way down.

Q: What happens if I refer someone who purchases and the show is cancelled?

A: On the rare occasion that a show is cancelled, a refund will be issued and no benefits will be distributed. However, if the person you referred makes another purchase using your link, you will be paid commission.

Q: After someone makes a qualifying purchase, when and how do I actually get paid?

A: Because theater tickets are typically purchased in advance, and shows sometimes get cancelled by the producer, we don’t pay out referrer fees until the day after the performance date. We will pay you via digital gift card, to the email address you signed up with. You can choose from a number of digital gift cards, including Amazon, Visa, and Starbucks. If you would prefer to be paid in Show-Score credits, please email

Q: How does the $5 credit for my friend work?

A: When someone uses your personalized link to make a qualified purchase, s/he receives a one-time $5 Show-Score credit.  The credit is added to their account on the next business day after the performance for which they bought the ticket. The credit can be used on any purchase within Show-Score, except for Paid Memberships.  For more information about Show-Score Credits, please see:

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