Show-Score's Paid Memberships Explained

What is the difference between a Saver and a Patron membership?

"Saver" memberships are $2.99/mo or $29/year and come with the following benefits:

  • Member Night fees: $5/ticket (vs. the normal $8 fee)
  • Member Night cancellation period: 3 days (vs. the normal 4 days)
  • Allowed Member Night "Pardons": 3 Pardons (vs. the normal 2 Pardons)

"Patron" memberships are $10.99/mo or $99/year and come with the same benefits as a "Saver", but include the following additional benefits:

  • Member Night cancellation period: 2 days (vs. the normal 4 days)
  • Allowed Member Night "Pardons": 3 more Pardons, a total of 6 (vs. the normal 2 Pardons)
  • Text alerts on your phone for Member Nights Offers, as soon as the offer goes live
  • Priority access to exclusive events, such as special performances, artist interactions, and more
  • A free glass of prosecco at Bond 45 when you order any food item, anytime.

Both of these membership plans are on top of the benefits you already enjoy as a regular ("free") member:

  • All the critics, and credible fan reviews, to help you decide what to see
  • All box office and discount prices to find the right price for you
  • Great ticket offers with schedule flexibility to fit your lifestyle
  • Access to Member Nights offers when you score 6 or more shows
  • A vibrant community of theater fans with fun ways to meet them in person
  • A platform that amplifies your opinions about theater, while helping others find shows they’ll love

How do text alerts work?

Text alerts are a way for us to notify you of great offers to high-demand shows and events. Texts go directly to your phone and allow you to see offers as soon as they go live. Text alerts will only be sent for Member Night offers, or for events that we believe will sell out in less than a day.  Each text alert will include a link that you can click to navigate directly to the offer on the Show-Score site. Receiving the text alert does not guarantee that tickets will still be available, but it does improve your chances of getting tickets to hot shows. To stop receiving text alerts, you can email or reply STOP at any time on your phone (this will stop the alerts but won’t cancel your membership). Message and data rates may apply.

I just signed up as a Patron. When will I start receiving text messages?

As long as you provided us your cell phone number when you joined the Patron Program, you’ll start receiving text messages as soon as we process your credit card successfully and have a new Member Night promotion. If you think you’re not getting text messages but should be, please contact us ASAP at

How does Priority Access work?

Priority Access simply allows you to jump ahead of the line and get first access to exclusive deals and offers before others. Members at every level will continue to receive Show-Score’s great offers, but Patrons will get first dibs. For particularly hot tickets, only Patrons will receive offers, then Savers, then other members until all the seats are gone.

Here are some examples of the types of offers that sell out very quickly and would therefore only be offered to Patron members first:

  • Exclusive, insider events, like the Obie Awards and the Peter Schaffer Memorial event
  • One-night-only readings with Kathleen Turner and Jenn Colella  
  • Advanced screenings of great films, like “Smallfoot” and “The Greatest Showman”
  • Out-of-this-world deals to hot shows, like seeing Bette Midler in “Hello, Dolly!”

Remember,  having “Priority Access” does not mean you are guaranteed you a seat.  It does mean you’ll have the first shot at securing Show-Score’s hottest offers! 

How do "pardons", cancellations and refunds work?

We know that plans sometimes change (ours do!).  That’s why we -- unlike any similar organization in NYC -- allow “Early Cancellations” without penalty for our free theater ticket offers (also known as “Member Nights”).

  • Members who need to cancel a Member Night ticket without penalty can do so as follows:
    • Patrons can cancel up to 2 days or 48 hours before the performance
    • Savers can cancel up to 3 days or 72 hours before the performance
    • All other members have up until 4 days or 96 hours before the performance to cancel

Early Cancellations allow us to find someone else who wants that seat, and maintain positive relationships with producers and non-profit companies who get understandably annoyed when tickets aren’t used.  When you cancel early, your processing fee will be refunded in Show-Score Credits, which you can use to buy other things on Show-Score. Importantly, refunds to your credit card or to cash are not allowed.

If you miss the deadlines outlined above, you will be counted as a “ Late Cancellation”, and your fees will not be credited or refunded. Similarly, if you make a Member Night reservation and you don’t show up, you will be counted as a “No Show.”  The participating theater company sends us a report after each performance so we know if someone does not use his or her tickets.

Both  Late Cancellations and No Shows are marked as "Pardons" in your account. Pardons work as follows:

  • Pardons add up over time. For example, if you have a Late Cancellation in September, and then have a No Show in October, you will have used up a total of 2 Pardons.
  • Because late cancellations and no-shows have the potential to really hurt the Member Nights program, there are penalties which are meant to discourage you from accumulating them:
    • Patrons only have 6 Pardons to use in a six-month period
    • Savers only have 3 Pardons to use in a six-month period
    • All other members only have 2 Pardons to use in a six-month period

Importantly, the six-month period is measured from the date of the last Pardon you used.  After you hit your limit, you will not receive Member Night offers for the following six-month period.

Members can upgrade membership levels to get more Pardons. When they do, Pardons are not reset to 0; instead the member will receive incremental Pardons based on how many they have so far.  If you want to see how many Pardons you have remaining, please email

I received the message “Sorry, you are no longer eligible for Member Night promotions.” What happened?

It means you used up your Pardons, which is the sum of your “Late Cancellations” and your “No Shows.”  To learn more about our Pardons system (and why it’s important to keep the Member Nights program up and running), please see the appropriate section above!

When are my Pardons reset?

Your Pardons will be reset six months after we stopped sending you Member Nights privileges.

Can I cancel my paid membership?

Of course! You can cancel your membership at anytime. Please note that benefits will end immediately and will not continue through the end of the current billing cycle. There are no refunds for remaining time on your plan, whether you are paying monthly or annually. Visit your My Membership page for downgrade and  cancellation options.

I am a paid member, but have been locked out of Member Night access due to too many Late Cancellations/No Shows. Will my membership be automatically cancelled?

No. There are lots of other benefits you can continue to enjoy  with your upgraded membership.  That said, you may cancel your paid membership at any time for any reason.

Can I upgrade or downgrade from one paid membership plan to another?

Yes, at any time.  Our system will calculate the difference (positive or negative) and adjust your charges accordingly in the next billing cycle. Please note that any changes in benefits associated with your membership level will immediately go into effect.  For example, if you are a Patron (giving you an allowance of 6 Pardons) and have already used 4 Pardons, and then you downgrade to a Saver (which only has 3 Pardons associated with that level), you will become ineligible for Member Nights. If you upgrade, however, you can bring yourself out of ineligibility.  For example, if you are a non-paying member and use up 2 Pardons (which would make you ineligible for Member Nights) you can upgrade to the Saver level and get one more allowed Pardon, making you eligible again. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Patron level and get another 4 Pardons. Visit your My Membership page for upgrade and downgrade options.

How do I get my free bubbly at Bond 45?

You will receive a free glass of prosecco at Bond 45 (221 West 46th Street) when you order any food item (yes,  any food item). This offer is good whenever the restaurant is open.  You can use this offer as much as you would like before it expires, not just before or after a show.

After you become a Patron, you’ll receive an email with your free bubbly offer. To redeem at Bond 45, just show the waiter the email. It can be printed out, or you can pull it up on your phone. The waiter will not have any way to determine if you are a Show-Score member unless you have the email with you. You will be emailed a new offer when your membership is renewed each month. 

How do Patron and Saver memberships on Show-Score compare to other discount ticket services?

We’re confident we’ve created the most member-friendly, audience-centric theater site in NYC. Here’s how our Patron and Saver memberships hold up against the other guys:  

Comparison Other Services Show-Score
Free ticket offers direct to your inbox (no need to constantly check the website) No
All the details you need to determine whether you’ll like a show (description, cast and creatives, reviews) No
Be welcomed into our partner theaters as a member of an important fan community No
Only theater offers so you don’t have to sort through the noise No
Almost 1,000 Member Night offers to shows in NYC No
No annual fee to access offers No
Cancellations allowed, without penalty No
Priority access via text messaging No ✔ (Patron level)

In addition, all Show-Score members receive FOR FREE:

  • All listings of NYC theater to uncover hidden gems and discover shows you’ll love
  • All the critics, and credible fan reviews, to help you decide what to see
  • All box office and discount prices to find the right price for you
  • Great ticket offers with schedule flexibility to fit your lifestyle
  • A vibrant community of theater fans with fun ways to meet them in person
  • A platform that amplifies your opinions about theater, while helping others find shows they’ll love.

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