How do Pardons, cancellations and refunds work?

We know that plans sometimes change (ours do!).  That’s why we -- unlike any similar organization in NYC -- allow “Early Cancellations” without penalty for our free theater ticket offers (also known as “Member Nights”).

  • Members who need to cancel a Member Night ticket without penalty can do so as follows:
    • Patrons can cancel up to 2 days or 48 hours before the performance
    • Savers can cancel up to 3 days or 72 hours before the performance
    • All other members have up until 4 days or 96 hours before the performance to cancel

Early Cancellations allow us to find someone else who wants that seat, and maintain positive relationships with producers and non-profit companies who get understandably annoyed when tickets aren’t used.  When you cancel early, your processing fee will be refunded in Show-Score Credits, which you can use to buy other things on Show-Score. Importantly, refunds to your credit card or to cash are not allowed.

If you miss the deadlines outlined above, you will be counted as a “ Late Cancellation”, and your fees will not be credited or refunded. Similarly, if you make a Member Night reservation and you don’t show up, you will be counted as a “No Show.”  The participating theater company sends us a report after each performance so we know if someone does not use his or her tickets.

Both Late Cancellations and No Shows are marked as "Pardons" in your account. Pardons work as follows:

  • Pardons add up over time. For example, if you have a Late Cancellation in September, and then have a No Show in October, you will have used up a total of 2 Pardons.
  • Because late cancellations and no-shows have the potential to really hurt the Member Nights program, there are penalties which are meant to discourage you from accumulating them:
    • Patrons only have 6 Pardons to use in a six-month period
    • Savers only have 3 Pardons to use in a six-month period
    • All other members only have 2 Pardons to use in a six-month period

Importantly, the six-month period is measured from the date of the last Pardon you used.  After you hit your limit, you will not receive Member Night offers for the following six-month period.

Members can upgrade membership levels to get more Pardons. When they do, Pardons are not reset to 0; instead the member will receive incremental Pardons based on how many they have so far.  If you want to see how many Pardons you have remaining, please email

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