Can I upgrade or downgrade from one paid membership plan to another?

Yes, at any time.  Our system will calculate the difference (positive or negative) and adjust your charges accordingly in the next billing cycle. Please note that any changes in benefits associated with your membership level will immediately go into effect.  For example, if you are a Patron (giving you an allowance of 6 Pardons) and you have already used 4 of them, when you downgrade to a Saver (which only comes with 3 Pardons), you will become ineligible for Member Nights. If you upgrade, however, you can bring yourself out of ineligibility.  For example, if you are a non-paying member and use up your standard 2 Pardons (which would make you ineligible for Member Nights) you can upgrade to the Saver level and get one more Pardon, making you eligible again. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Patron level and get another 4 Pardons. Visit the My Membership page for upgrade and downgrade options.

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