What is the difference between a Saver and a Patron membership?

" Saver" memberships are $2.99/mo or $29/year and come with the following benefits:
  • Member Night fees: $5/ticket (vs. the normal $8)
  • Member Night cancellation period: 3 days (vs. the normal 4 days)
  • Allowed Member Night "Pardons": 3 Pardons (vs. the normal 2 Pardons)

" Patron" memberships are $10.99 a month or $99 a year and come with the same benefits as a "Saver", but include the following additional benefits:

  • Member Night cancellation period: 2 days (vs. the normal 4 days)
  • Allowed Member Night "Pardons": 3 more Pardons, for a total of 6 (vs. the normal 2 Pardons) 
  • Text alerts on your phone for Member Nights Offers, as soon as the offer goes live
  • Priority access to exclusive events, such as special performances, artist interactions, and more
  • A free glass of prosecco at Bond 45 when you order any food item, anytime.

Both of these membership plans are on top of the benefits you already enjoy as a regular ("free") member:

  • All the critics, and credible fan reviews, to help you decide what to see
  • All box office and discount prices to find the right price for you
  • Great ticket offers with schedule flexibility to fit your lifestyle
  • Access to Member Nights offers when you score 6 or more shows
  • A vibrant community of theater fans with fun ways to meet them in person
  • A platform that amplifies your opinions about theater, while helping others find shows they’ll love

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