Why can't I score a show?

Sometimes the "SCORE IT" button is grayed out, which means you can't score the score.  This can happen for several different reasons:

  • The show has not yet started previews, and did not have a previous production.  This means that there is no way to actually see the show.  To prevent "shill" reviews, we don't let members score the show until the first preview performance.
  • The show is not in NYC.  We are experimentally adding out-of-town shows to our database so that we can organize member outings to see the show.  In some cases, the show does not want members to score it.  We are using these tests to develop a consistent policy about how we will handle out of town shows.  If you have an opinion about that, please email help@show-score.com to share your thoughts!
  • There is a bug.  Software is complicated, so sometimes it doesn't work as intended.  If you think we have a bug, please email help@show-score.com so that we can investigate.

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