How To Purchase Member Night Tickets

For First Time Users Who Want To Save Their Credit Card Details On Their Device
1. Please click on the purchase link and choose a date. 
2. Choose # of seats.
3. Click "Next" - You will be brought to the "Review Your Order Page".

4. In the "Review Your Order Page" fill out and double check your first and last names and please input your cellphone number

5. At the bottom of the page, click on the green "Enter Your Credit Card Number" button.

6. A small pop-up window will appear that will let you enter your credit card info. For first time users, you have the option of saving your credit card details on your device by clicking  "Remember Me" . 

7. Enter your details and click "Pay $5.00". Clicking "Remember Me" will save your card details on the device. If you decide to save your credit card details you need a phone number to receive your verification codes. You need to have cookies enabled on your device for this option to work. 

8. You will then be brought to a confirmation page with all the details of your purchase. If you need to modify your orders, simply click on the drop-down arrow menu and select "My Orders". 

Important Notes:

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address with the details of your purchase. Please check your spam folder. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact immediately. 

If you feel that the timer is going faster than usual, we suggest that you compare the time on your device with another. Usually, you will notice that the time on your device is advanced by a few minutes. 

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