How Show-Score can help your show


Many shows ask how they should think about Show-Score as they put together marketing and press campaigns. What are the best ways to work with Show-Score? The answer is that we can help at all steps of the campaign process: from building awareness, to selling tickets, to providing data about your audience, to helping more deeply engage your biggest fans. Learn more with this 8-step guide!

1. Related Content: Provide context. Raise awareness.  

Timeline: Ticket on Sale | Cost: Free

Related Content is a section of your show's page on Show-Score that you control. You can upload content including videos, articles, Facebook posts, and more that you want theater fans to see. Most shows do an amazing job creating content (and also get great coverage from the media), and now fans can find it all in one place.

Get started: Email with your show's name and the full name and email address for each person who should be given permission to post. 

2. Member Nights: Build Awareness. Build Buzz.  

Timeline: Previews | Cost: Free

Member Nights are a powerful way to build awareness and word-of-mouth buzz for your show. We send a FREE e-blast to over 9,000 influential members, inviting them to see your show and review it on the site. When a member posts a review, it's shared with their network of followers. When 20 or more qualified members score your show 80 or higher, the show hits Trending, unlocking free promotion across our site and emails. We send the eblast, manage reservations, and coordinate with your box office. 

Get started: Email

3. Socials & Selects: Sell tickets.  

Timeline: Anytime, at S-S’s discretion | Cost: Free

Socials are Show-Score's group outing program, which introduces members to new shows and new friends. Show-Score uses data to make informed choices on which shows to buy as a group for members to attend together. Shows that are able to provide exclusive opportunities, such as meet & greets and cast photo ops will be given special consideration. With the Selects program, we can sell multiple performances, with or without the event element. This program is based on member demand. 

Get started: Email to submit your show.

4. Experiences: Deepen engagement. 

Timeline: Anytime, at S-S’s discretion | Cost: Free

Show-Score Experiences are fun, interactive events where members deepen their appreciation of theater and connect with the theater community. Current experiences include tours of theatrical landmarks, talks with industry insiders, and unique group activities. We can tailor Experiences to align with your show. 

Get started: For more information, or to propose an Experience, please contact

5. Trending Shows: Leverage Buzz. Spread the word.  

Timeline: Anytime | Cost: Free

Shows hit Trending as soon as they receive an overall score of 80+ from at least 20 critics and/or members with community standing. Trending shows are promoted with a newsfeed notification and on our homepage. The Trending List is also included in our industry newsletter and our weekly newsletter to all members. And you can use “trending” and your ShowScore in all your marketing. 

Get started: Email for high-res assets for your promotional materials. 

6. Snapshots: Find your audience. 

Timeline: When you hit 100 member reviews | Cost: Free

We know alot about who has seen your show, who wants to see your show and who has already purchased tickets to your show through our site. And we can share this information with you for free. Snapshots are only available to GMs and producers after a show has 100 reviews.

Get started: Email to request your free analysis.

7. Deep Dive Data Reports.  

Timeline: Project Dependent | Cost: Paid

We can provide data to help you learn more about your current audience, and provide recommendations on how to gain new audiences. Have questions you need answered? Looking to move a show from Off-Broadway to Broadway? We can help you go deeper through the data we have, through surveys, or with in-person opportunities to ask our members things you want to know face to face. 

Get started: Email to build your custom package. 

8. Advertising: Extend your reach.  

Timeline: Anytime | Cost: Paid

Build a package that can include Display Advertising (site-wide takeover as the only paid advertiser across all pages and transactional emails); Newsletter Sponsorship (sole sponsorship of the week’s newsletter to all members) and Email Advertising (a dedicated eblast to a hyper-targeted list based on taste and following data).

Get started: Email to request your rate card. 

Want to learn more about your show, your scores, and how you can work with us? Email Catherine Herzog at

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