How do ShowScores compare to other scoring systems?

Because the Show-Score scoring system is new, it’s natural to have questions about it. We’ve created the simple chart below to help provide clarity:

  • In the US school system, a “good” grade is typically an “A” or a “B”, which corresponds to a score between 80 and 100.
  • On Show-Score, “good” (or green) scores fall within a wider range (from 70 - 100). In other words, a 71 on Show-Score is still “Good” (and green), even though in the US school system, a 70 would be a “C” (or yellow).
  • We do this because we passionately believe that theater demands a wider, and more flexible, scoring approach:
    • Because theater is art, not every audience member will love every show.
    • Even when one of our members doesn’t like a particular show, we ask him or her to explain who WOULD like that show.
    • We purposely broaden the definition of “green” shows to encourage fans to consider shows they might not otherwise notice.
  • Our approach in inspired by how Rotten Tomatoes scores movies. On that site, a movie with a score of 75 or better is “Certified Fresh” (and therefore catches the attention of most fans).

We’ve been delighted to see that our members easily understand our scoring system, and have been taking the time to explain who would (and would not) enjoy a show. We’re confident that the result will be more people seeing more theater, which is our overall objective.

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