What are Deals and How Can I Win $50?

What are “Deals”?

Deals are discount ticket offers, and ticketing tips (such as the best place to sit), that are reported by Show-Score community members. They come directly from our most price savvy members.

Why did Show-Score launch the “Deals” feature?

Experienced theater fans know that ticketing can be very complex -- many shows have multiple price points that change very frequently. In addition, many companies offer discounts, or sell “second-hand” tickets.

The Show-Score staff collects and publishes ticket offers from a broad range of sources, including the box office and major discount sites. To help ensure consistency, these offers are collected in a standardized way. As a result, our team misses some offers.

Fortunately, some members are really great at finding deals -- they always seem to know what’s going on! Many of them have said they would be willing to share the deals they are finding if Show-Score made that easy to do. In a way, they are like those helpful people who report traffic accidents on Waze or Google Maps. We love these members!!

Who can post a "Deal”?

All Show-Score members can post a "Deal".  Originally, only "Price Posse" members could post a deal, but we quickly realized that the "Posse" idea was too hard to manage.  So we simplified the process by opening it up.

How do I post a deal?

It's easy:

  • Log into Show-Score.  Go to the "See All Discounts" page.  
  • You will see a blue button that says "+ Post a Deal You Found".  Click the button.  
  • You will see a pop-up form.  Enter the show name, a brief description of the deal or tip (such as "$40 orchestra seats using code ABCD") and then the URL of the deal page (always starting with http://).  
  • You will be able to preview the deal.  Double-check it.  Then publish it.  
  • When you do, it will go live.
  • If you made a mistake, please email help@show-score.com.  Currently we don't have a way for members to edit deals themselves.

How do I win the $50 prize?

Every two weeks, we will randomly select one winner from the group of Show-Score members who have submitted a legitimate deal during that two week period.  Each legitimate deal you post counts as one entry into the contest (for example, if you submit two legitimate deals, you'll get two entries into that contest).  If you win the prize, you can win it again in another two-week period (since the drawing is random).  To be "legitimate", a deal must:

  • Describe a discount or special offer, and not just point to the box office
  • Not point to a site that requires a membership fee to access the deal
  • Be available and active when it is posted
  • Be unique -- if another member or Show-Score staff has already posted that deal, it’s not legitimate
  • Not be rush or lottery information that is already listed on Show-Score

We will notify the winner by email.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond.  If we don't hear back within that time, the prize will be forfeited.  We will post the confirmed winners on our blog.

What if I see a reported "Deal", but it's expired, junk, or otherwise problematic?

We hope that doesn't happen, but we've just launched the program and need to work out the kinks.  If you see something wrong or bad, please email help@show-score.com so we can fix it ASAP.

How are “Deals” different from “Discounts” that appear on Show-Score?

“Discounts” are ticket offers that are found and posted by Show-Score staff members. “Deals” are ticket offers that are found and posted by Show-Score members.  Because Deals are crowd-sourced, Show-Score is not able to verify them, and therefore urges members and guests to verify the deal carefully before providing any personal and banking information to third parties.

What if I have other questions?

Please email help@show-score.com. We are always trying to improve Show-Score, so any and all feedback is cherished!

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